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Laucke produce a very wide range of flours and flour-based products.

Individual products are grouped and named according to intended utilisation, ingredient type and the process by which it is produced.
Please refer to an explanation of such Naming and Grouping later in this page. 

Laucke Home baker products

Our famous Laucke Bread Mixes, Specialty Mixes, flours and yeasts are available in retail outlets across Australia and internationally.
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Laucke Commercial bakery products

Our high quality Specialty Flours and Premixes have been used by professional bakers and manufacturers to bake superb products since 1899.
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Product Grouping

Customer Utilisation
Customers utilise many different ingredients and processes to create their unique baked products, and often different processes are used by different processors so as to make what are apparently outwardly similar products. Laucke tailor flours for the varied processes as utilised.

Fermentation process:
Laucke create flours for Sourdough, where fermentation is maintained in a Levain, and where the process of creating a baked product from such a Levain may take up to 4 days.
Similarly, Laucke create individually crafted flours for the different fermentation processes that are associated with creating Artisan products and for products utilising Bulk Fermented and Rapid Doughs.

Machinery process:
The production of baked products are made easier by the utilisation of machinery.
For example, dough, batters and pastries may be produced and kneaded by Hand, or by Bread Machine, or Domestic kitchen mixers, and by the wide range of Low, Medium and High Intensity mechanical Mixers as utilised by professional chefs and bakers.
Ideally, the inherent mixing requirements of flour should be crafted to suit each individual mixing process, and so Laucke create flours with mixing requirements matched to suit specific applications.
For example, therefore, we have created different flours for making the same targeted end products based on whether we expect that they will be used in home kitchens or commercial bakeries – thus our Crusty White Bread Mix for home bakers is different from our Crusty White Bread Mix for use in commercial bakeries.

Ingredient type
Laucke utilise many different grain types to create a wide range of flours. Each grain type will offer quite different health properties, flavour profiles, and processing characteristics.

Laucke mill many different grains, and it is necessary for us to clearly identify the type of grain used as part of representation of the product.
By common convention in Australia, all flours are taken to be milled from wheat unless stated otherwise.  For example: “Wholemeal flour” is milled from conventional wheat, and any variation of grain type is clearly represented, such as with “Triticale wholemeal flour”.

Representation and Certification: 
We utilise ingredients and create products with unique attributes, where the attributes must be preserved, clearly represented, and warranted.
Our product naming and labelling clearly represents where such is the case.
For example:
“Certified Organic” provides assurance that we as custodians and processors of organic produce have protected and provided as intrinsic with our product all such attributes as offered by its Organic status. 
“Gluten Free” warrants that the product is free from wheat gluten, as substantiated by batch testing where results provide no detectible levels of gluten.

Milling Process
Good grains are necessary to create Great flour.
Yet even with the same type of grain, individual varieties and the growing environment will provide a wide range of remarkably different quality grains. In fact, every individual grain is different from others - even in the same batch. The greatest challenge of a flour miller is to know all about grain, and to always have available the grains that are most appropriate for the intended flour.
And, while selection of Good grain is essential to creating Great Flour, the end product processing properties of flour are modified by variation to the Milling process which, put very simply, is a multi-step process of grinding and sifting.

Variation in grinding, and especially the utilisation of different grinding machinery, will provide different quality flour. We vary the intensity of grinding, and can either utilise now-conventional modern Roller grinding, or a modern and effective application of traditional Stone Grinding as part of Milling.

Extraction Rate:
Variation in grinding and sifting provides different quality flour.
Wholemeal flour and Wholegrain products contain all of the constituents of the whole grain.
Where portions of the branny outer layers of the grain are progressively or selectively sifted off during the milling process, the remaining flour becomes increasingly “white”.
Wholemeal flour is termed 100% extraction, and very white flours may be only 50% extraction. Conventional white flours are circa 72% to 80% extraction. Extraction rate may be estimated by flour “ash” level, where “ash” is the residue associated with bran particles. A high extraction flour has high ash (say 0.85%), a low extraction flour has low ash (say 0.45%), and wholemeal flour may have an ash level of 1.40%.

Laucke, seeking to assist their customers with convenient and reliable recipe formulation, create products where special flours are mixed with other suitable dry ingredients with the intention that customers need only provide minimal or no additional ingredients other than water. All such additives are clearly labelled on packaging.
Such pre-mixed products are termed Premixes or Mixes.
Additionally, Laucke are required by legislation to “fortify” flours. Folic Acid and Thiamine and Iodised Salt are added where required by law, with this inclusion clearly labelled on packaging.

Laucke Flour Naming

Australian Animals are unique, having individually evolved over time to suit the unique Australian environment.
Similarly, all Laucke flours are unique, as they have been individually created or evolved over time to produce either an individual end product, or a targeted group of similar products with similar processing requirements.
To differentiate our flours, we have named each unique Laucke flour after a correspondingly unique Australian animal, where the name of each flour is carefully chosen to be memorable and to reflect the attributes common to both the animal and the product or its processing.

 Laucke Mix Naming

Every Laucke pre-mixed product is produced with the intention to enable our customer to reliably produce a specific type of high quality end product.  To assist our customers with Mix selection, we elect to name each Mix by the intended end product, using such names as “Pizza & Focaccia Mix” and “German Grain Bread Mix” and “Country Women’s Scone Mix”.