Baker's Corner

At Laucke we know that sometimes you just want to make a basic loaf in your bread machines but at other times you want to seriously impress with your baking skills. We have selected a range of Recipes using our Bread Mix and Specialty Mix products that are sure to impress.

We provide tips for making the perfect loaf, if the volume of your loaf is too heavy or too light, if the quality is varying or you want to know more about water ratios. For more information go to Troubleshooting.

The quality of your ingredients will affect the quality of your baked product. Laucke source only high quality ingredients, we do not use preservatives or animal fats and are all are GMO free. For more information go to Start with Quality Ingredients.

Flour and Bread Mix are regarded as shelf stable food products, but they will degrade with inappropriate storage. For more information go to Care & Storage.

The six stages of bread making are the same for bread made by hand, assisted with a mixer or in a bread machine, which make some of the more physically demanding steps easy. For details go to Bread Making process.

1 Seed sorting
<br />2 Stone grounding process
<br />3 Checking the finely milled flour
1 Seed sorting
2 Stone grounding process
3 Checking the finely milled flour